Produce what our customers want
Keep changing with the customers.


Product lineup: SUCTION-X, SUCTION-DX


Product lineup: Compass


Address : 22-22-604 FUYUKI. KOUTO-KU,TOKYO,JAPAN

Our History Began in 1947.

The chaotic post war period, when many Japanese were suffering from shortage of various goods, we started as a small hardware shop in the center of Tokyo, to fulfill the demand of neighbors.


Never Chase Easy Gain.

We all experienced several bubble economy.
However, we have not chased quick & easy earned profit but kept our standing point that we always make efforts to supply high quality products to our customers at reasonable price.


Produce What Our Customers Want.

As our business has grown up, our customers’ requests varies.
We have been moving to change our business format from a retailer to a Fabless in order to respond customer aspirations quickly and flexible.
In 1985, we set up another company which supplies strong glue especially for precision working.
This is “ Richbond ”.


With Customers.

Since we established the small hardware shop in down town of Tokyo in1947, however, our spirit “ With Customers “ has never changed.
Wherever consumers have problems, our business is beside them.
We produced ; Specialized glue, LED Flashlight, Suction Tools for Insects’ bite,Natural Footwear Powder, etc. ....